A-Bus Express Sdn. Bhd Frequent Ask Question

  • When make payment, It show that payment failed?
    ANSWER: If you use credit card to make payment, you can try another credit card or you can try to use other payment method such as debit card and online banking services.
  • Is there any extra charges?
    ANSWER: There are no extra charges, we only charge for ticket amount only.
  • If I don't have a printer, how do I get the ticket?
    ANSWER: After the payment has been transacted, a booking number will be show or given to our customer, the booking number will act like a ticket.
  • If I don't have credit card, can I use other payment method?
    ANSWER: Customer always can use debit card and online banking services as payment beside credit card
Return and Refund Policy
  • There will be no refund after the bus ticket has been transacted