A-Bus Express Sdn. Bhd Terms & Conditions

  • IPAY88-YOYO will appear on your credit card statement.
  • Using iPay88 payment gateway, do not have extra charges when using Paypal.
  • Each bus ticket is valid for one person only. There will be no refund once a bus ticket has been transacted. Please check the bus ticket details (date and time) before confirming the payment.
  • Any changes on the bus ticket date or time must be made AT LEAST 1 DAY BEFORE the departure. New bus ticket date and time will be subjected to availability of seats.
  • In case of any changes of departure date and time, our company will inform the passenger to arrive earlier.
  • Passengers must take note of the departure time, and arrive at the departure point AT LEAST 30 MINUTES EARLIER. The company will not be responsible for any delay caused by any passenger. In case of changes of time table, no further notice will be given to individuals.
  • The company will not be responsible for any delay cause by traffic jam or some other unexpected events.
  • Each passenger is only allowed to bring two luggage based on the size which accordance with the airline term and condition. The company must be informed earlier IF any additional luggage is intended.
  • Box packages will be charged accordingly to the size of: 21'TV box (RM 20.00) or 29'TV box (RM 40.00).
  • The passenger is fully responsible for his / her personal belongings. Our company will not be liable for any loss or damage during the journey.
  • Our company has accident insurance coverage for every passenger. If an accident occurs during the journey, the issue of compensation shall be dealt with in accordance with the law and regulations of the place where the accident occurs. Our company does not guarantee the satisfaction of every customer in regards to the compensation made under the said insurance policies.
  • All passengers should not bring any combustible materials, dangerous substances, drugs or any other things that are against the laws in Malaysia. Any passengers whom go against the law will be obliged to bear all criminal liabilities and compensate any damages or losses.
  • The passenger should not disturb or interfere the driver or any other passengers along the journey.
  • The passenger are not allowed to bring pets on board.
  • If any passenger commits any act of vandalism or causing injuries to others are subjected to bear all consequences ahead, and hereby to further indemnify our company for all losses.
  • Our company reserves the right to interpret the regulations and conditions adhere to the bus ticket.
Return and Refund Policy
  • There will be no refund after the bus ticket has been transacted